Boy’s Bedroom Makeover


I’m behind on writing and I meant to blog about this sooner, but that’s ok it’s been a work in progress. My 6 year olds room has been an Avengers theme for the last three years and it was a banged up, colored on pastel yellow from when I first did his nursery.

As most parents know kids are so hard on everything. His room was in much need of a makeover. Then my son decided he wanted to move rooms and we just happened to have an empty room from his older brother moving out (long story there which I won’t get into).

So we started the remodel of the other room which also needed it bad, anyone who has a teenager knows they are just as hard on things and teenage boys make everything stink. So gross.

After I cleaned the room my 6 year old and I headed to our local hardware store to pick some paint. It’s important to me to let the kids have some say in there rooms, I like encouraging them to be creative. Of course at 6 he was going for some super crazy colors. So I gave him some samples of blues he could choose from.

Madman decided he wanted a bunk bed, so we had been looking around at furniture stores and the prices were so outrageous. So my husband being the handyman he is decided to make a loft bed for my son. My husband busted this out in a day and it only cost us $100. The little guy even helped his dad out.

My little guy also decided he wanted a Star Wars themed room as he is obsessed with all things Star Wars. So I’ve been on a mission to find decor and make that work. Again to my surprise the décor was really over priced for what it was, so the hunt was on for things to decorate but not break the bank.

I am obsessed with Target its my go to store for almost everything, I was there one day and passed by their dollar section and they had these great little Star Wars signs. They were perfect for the room and they were only a dollar!


My son got this massive ship for Christmas, we really had no idea where to put it and it didn’t do much so asked my husband if we could hang it so it looked like it was flying. Sure enough my husband had the perfect stuff to do it with and it turned out great! My son loved it so much.


I found some cute metal Star Wars letters at a local home décor store but again the price was crazy. So I decided to make my own. I went to Hobby Lobby and found some wood letters for $1.99 a piece and found some Star Wars scrapbook paper. I painted the letters black then mod podge the paper on them. I bought enough letters to spell out “Star Wars”,  they turned out perfect and saved myself money.


This is what we have so far, there are a few other little things I would like to add but one thing at a time. It’s been fun I love doing new home projects, now on to the next room!

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7 thoughts on “Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

  1. Room looks fab! My husband and I decided the kids rooms will stay as they are now until they are out of the “let’s draw on the walls” stage. I’ve given up on removing it and figure they can just stare at it until a few more years lol. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink.

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