You’ll Shoot You’re Eye Out……With A Nerf Gun

If you didn’t laugh at my title and get the reference, well shame on you. Just kidding, but seriously best movie. Anyway back to the real topic at hand. If you have kids it’s more than likely you have Nerf guns around the house or maybe your just a kid at heart.

Having boys we have always had enough Nerf Guns for a small army of children. Of course epic battles break out once and a while. It may start with just my husband and six year old then within minutes everyone is involved.

As adults we are always careful how we shoot at the kids but with each maybe not so much. I’ve taken a few to the head and they stinger like a mother f*****.

I got LASIK a few weeks ago so I have not been participating in the wars. As I am afraid of things hitting me in the eye, my eyes are still healing. My husband was having a battle with our 6 year old over the weekend. When I heard silence then my husband moaning in pain.

I called from the back asking if he was ok, no answer. So walked out to the living room to find my husband curled in a ball with his head in his hands still moaning in pain. After a few minutes he finally told me our son shot him right in the eye. He said he couldn’t see out his left eye everything was black.

I got him a cool rag to put on it and we waited for a bit to see if his vision returned. Finally after about 20 minutes he could see a little but it was very blurry. I checked his eye and there was no visible damage. About an hour went by he could see for the most part but there was a black shadow blocking some of his vision still in that eye. Of course being a man he didn’t want to go to a doctor. He wanted to wait and see.

The next morning it was the same still had the spot he couldn’t see. He went to work but still wanted to wait on being checked. I started self diagnosing on the internet (never a great idea) although what I found showed he could have a retinal tear or seperation. Not treated immediately could result in permanent vision loss.

After telling my husband this he called my eye doctor and they got him in asap. They checked him out and the doctor was shocked the damage the Nerf dart had done. He said he has only seem trauma like that from blunt force trauma. Luckily though no retinal damage. The spot he was seeing was a bruise. The doctor said it will be about 5 days before it goes away and he needs to go back in two weeks to ensure its healing properly.

So moral of the story always always make anyone playing with Nerf guns wear eye protection. I think we tend to think of our kids safety and make them and not our own. So no joke you really could lose an eye. And sorry Nerf company I will not be buying your fully automatic gun that shoots over 60mph, not only will someone probably lose an eye my entire house might get destroyed.

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9 thoughts on “You’ll Shoot You’re Eye Out……With A Nerf Gun

  1. That could have been a lot more serious, and I totally agree with you that adults tend to make sure kids are safe and then go and do the same things with no regards for their own safety. I hope his eye is better! #abitofeverything

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  2. Oh my goodness, how scary!! I would have been petrified, my eyes are so precious to me. I hate all those things that fire out as I’m always the one that gets hit. Thanks for linking up #bestandworst


  3. That is a scary story. I have always been probably overly cautious when it comes too toys that fire projectiles and always made my boys stick to shooting targets rather than eachother because of my fear of them hurting each other, especially their eyes. I feel more justified in doing that noe after reading this.
    Thanks for sharing with us, and heres hoping your hubbys eyes are fine now, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

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