I’m back and ready to go

It’s been months since my last post, every week I would say ok next week I’ll get back on track but we all know how that goes.

Things have been crazy busy, I took on more work with job I’ve been doing but thankfully it still allows me to retain my status of a Domesticated Goddess. I work from home and it still allows me to have freedom.

So what will you be seeing from me, we’ll probably not blogging on a daily basis but you will see some fun things from a couple times a week. I have lots to share from fun parties I’ve thrown to vacations and of course challenges with raising a family and maintaining my sanity.

Hopefully I still have some followers, but it’s like starting over a bit when you take a big break and that’s ok. This blog was more for my escape than to make profit or anything to huge. I can’t wait to get back in touch with everyone and see what everyone has been up too.

Look forward to getting back to this!
Yours truly 

The Domesticated Goddess

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