Inexpensive ways to keep your fitness Goals

It’s that time again, we are all making our New Year’s Resolutions. You can’t not make a resolution right? Although admittedly I have not decided on mine yet, I do plan to continue my clean eating lifestyle and getting fit from last year.

We all know the vast majority of people make a goal to get fit in some way whether that’s by losing weight and or just toning up. I wanted to give a few tips I have discovered in the past while making my fit goals that will not break the bank. These can work for anyone especially if you do not want to waste a bunch of money on a gym membership.

For me working from home part time and being a Domesticated Goddess, I don’t have the extra funds to just throw away on Gym memberships and classes. It can get really pricy and I really HATE going to the gym. I have never been successful in the past when I’ve had a membership, I feel you have the people trying to put on a beauty pageant and judging you if you’re not glammed up. Or you have the men that are there just trying to meet these girls. I’m not saying everyone or every gym is that way, but its hard to find places where it’s a support system to help you succeed.

So if you are like me and you either don’t want to go to the gym or you may not have the funds to spend on a membership or expensive trainers try these tips.

  1. Utilize your smart phone: There are a lot of FREE apps out there you can use to help you meet your goals, from workout apps to meal planner apps. Just beware some are free to download but then you have in app purchases to get more workouts. One I like for the busy mom whether your a Domesticated Goddess or a Working Mom, is the 7 Minute Workout. We all get busy but 7 minutes a day is better than none! You got this!

2. Want a personal trainer?: Who doesn’t want a personal trainer, right? Then you find out the cost, and your excitement to get fit totally went out the window. Did you know there are free fitness channels on Youtube? Yes I said FREE!!! I accidently discovered this while looking for a music video or maybe you already knew this but I was ridiculously excited. One of my favorite channels is Popsugar Fitness, they have an awesome variety and they are fun in the videos. You can find anything though, from yoga to Pilates.


3. Invite a friend: Ok so you love tip #2 but don’t feel you can keep yourself going? Invite a friend over and do the fitness video together in your living room. If you both have small ones try to schedule it during nap time. Or if that doesn’t work trade of watching each others kids so you can each get you workout in that day. Your girlfriends are your biggest supporters and cheerleaders, be there for each other.

4. Workout Video Sharing: Start a video sharing program with your friends, we have all had those late nights were we let some infomercial talk us into buying the latest workout craze. Maybe there is one you wanted to try but don’t want to spend the money to buy them. See what your friends have and start a workout group where each week you trade off videos. This gives you variety plus you have a support group to keep each other going.


These are just a few simple inexpensive tips to keep you going for the New Year. I would love to hear your feedback and tips you have for everyone on keeping your fitness goals.



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