Simple Valentine’s Craft to add cheer


I’m sure you are aware I like to get my craft on every now and again. I don’t have a lot of Valentine’s day décor, and I can’t seem to find anything I really like that I want to spend money on. So I decided to make a few inexpensive things to add to my décor, especially after taking all my Christmas décor down the house was feeling kind of sad and empty.

I first made this very simple very inexpensive Valentine’s Banner. I already had the scrapbook paper and my Silhouette Cameo to cut the banner for me. However if you don’t have a Silhouette no need to worry, most craft stores have banners pre-cut for you or you can cut your own from templates.



Once I cut the banner I measured some string to the length of the mantel on my fireplace, then used my paper punch to make holes for the string and presto! A cute festive banner, and it only took me about 45 minutes to make.


Second craft was this Valentine’s Deco Mesh Wreath, another easy project that only took about 90 minutes to make. You can find full instructions for this wreath at Although I will say their instructions are not the greatest, luckily this is not my first wreath so I was able to get through this. If this is your first time making one, I would advise watch a tutorial on youtube. There is no right or wrong way to make these everyone does it just a bit differently.

Hope you like these two fun projects and share yours if you make some festive projects. I love seeing everyone’s creativity.

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DIY Christmas Decor


If you have read my blog you know we love doing our monthly craft nights, here are some of our latest DIY Christmas crafts. I tried out my hand  for the first time at making a deco mesh wreath. It took me two tries to get the hang of it, but I found a really great tutorial on youtube that helped me work out what I messed up the first time around. Here is the tutorial:
Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial


Then we also made some fun holiday centerpieces, I actually loved the first one I made so much I decided this would be a great gift idea so I made a second one as a gift for my mother-in-law.





The best part about these DIY centerpieces they are all under $40, to get something like this pre-made at your local boutique or craft store you are looking at paying $60 or more. So you save money plus it makes for a fun girls night. The mesh wreaths cost around $20 to make. Now these prices are based on getting most everything on sale. We got all our supplies at Michael’s craft store. If you watch their ads closely you will find they have really great discounts and sales.


I hope you enjoy our fun crafts and that inspires you to try your own.

Happy Holidays,

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Pumpkin Decor Ideas

It’s Halloween time, my favorite holiday! I am in full DIY mode, doing lots of fun Halloween crafts and getting my house all decorated. I have been frustrated the last few years as it seems like Halloween has become non-exsistant in the stores and there are not very many decorations I feel are worth buying. So I have resorted to making a lot of my own, whether for inside or outside my home. I was not blogging last year so I am super excited to share all my fun holiday likes and ideas.

We decided to have our craft group and do a Halloween craft, you may remember my post about Starting a craft group. So we ventured off to Michael’s Craft store to see what we could do. They happened to be having huge sale on their Halloween items and carvable pumpkins (These are may favorite since you can re-use them). They also had some how DIY ideas around the store so this really helped us decide what we wanted to do. If you have not been to Michael’s lately you need to go and their website is full of great tips and how to’s.

We decide on two pumpkin projects, a centerpiece pumpkin and a wall banner pumpkin.

Here are the centerpieces, we got all our materials from Michael’s either in the Halloween area or you can find some of the items in the floral area. These were extremely easy, and quick to make. You just have to drill holes in the pumpkin (thank you to my husband for drilling the holes since he does not trust me with a drill) and you may have to cut some of the floral items with wire cutters depending on the desired length.



Finished Products:



Project #2 the banner, you can find instructions here:Michael’s Boo Banner

Read them carefully, they are not the greatest instructions and we still had to figure a few things out on our own. There was a bit of trial and error and several trips back to the store, however I really like how they turned out.


Finished Project:



Then of coarse my little Mad Man has to craft with us and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here is his cute pumpkin he picked out to do and made himself.


It’s not too late if you haven’t made anything yet, so get out there and craft. I would love to see your pumpkin crafts, leave your creative ideas in the comments for all to see!

Happy Halloween,

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Making your own Man Gift Basket


I have been meaning to post this since Father’s Day but had other topics or got too busy. So for Father’s Day I was searching Pinterest for some cute gift ideas when I came across these Man Crates, I loved the idea but found them to be a little pricy. So I decided I was going to make my own man gift basket. I couldn’t find a crate plus I wanted to make my a little different. My husband is a big fan of Whiskey so I wanted to make his gift basket based around that.

I started out by finding a basket, I went to Hobby Lobby and found this wooden box perfect for a gift basket. I had planned to stain it but ran out of time.

Next I went to Crate & Barrel and found these perfect glasses for whiskey drinking, which I knew I could personalize with my Silhouette Cameo and glass etching kit. I also came across the exact slate coasters that were in the Man Crate, they have them at Crate & Barrel.


To make the personalized glasses I used my Silhouette to make and cute out a personalized monogram in vinyl, then you place your stencil over the glass (make sure you cleaned the surface of the glass first). Once you have the stencil on ensure you have smoothed out any bubbles or you could have leaks and get etching where you do not want etching. Now you are ready to apply your etching cream, I used Armour Tech which you can find at most craft stores. I would advise watching some how to videos on Youtube because when you follow the instructions you do not seem to get the best results. I really enjoyed making these glasses and was very happy with the way they turned out.



I had seen a book a few months back that I knew I wanted to get my husband, it’s the perfect gift for any whiskey lover. I found this at The Paper Source.


To complete the basket I bought some whiskey, Woodford Reserve & Bullet Rye. I also bought some man snacks but healthy ones since my husband and I are dieting.


So if you need a gift idea for your man, here is a great way to put together a personalized gift. The possibilities are endless, maybe your husband loves beer you could put together a beer themed one with beer glasses or whatever your imagination can create.


I would love to see your Man gift baskets, share your ideas.

4th of July Mongramed Letter


Since the holiday is almost here I thought I better get this posted, been so crazy busy with being out of town and getting ready to leave again I have barely had time. I do not have many decorations for the 4th so I decided to make some of my own. I find the stores do not make very many cute things for holidays now.

I went to a local wood store that has pre-cut shapes and designs to get my monogram letter, you can also find them at your local craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. This decoration is very simple and easy to make, all you need is:

-Wood letter of your choosing

-craft paper

-modge podge

-sanding block


-mixed media string

I first started out by laying the craft paper out over my letter so I could determine how I wanted to paint the back of the letter and sides. If your putting craft paper over the front then you do not need to pain the front since the paper will cover it.


Then I painted my letter, I had to apply several coats since the wood tends to be pourous.


Next I traced my letter on to the craft paper and cut the paper to the shape of my letter. Then you can use a sponge brush to lay down a layer of mode podge and put your craft paper on to the letter. Make sure you do not use too much or you paper will get soggy. Then allow to dry.

Once dry I take my sanding block ( you do not want anything too coarse as it can ruin your paper) and sand the edges to remove any excess paper that is hanging over the edges. Do not sand too much or you will take the pain off, however you can do that if you want to give it an aged look.

After you have sanded wipe off the dust, then you can put a layer of modge podge over the top of the craft paper so it seals to your letter. I like the matte modge podge for these projects. Don’t worry it will dry clear. If you want to ensure its sealed well, you may want to do this two times. I chose to use a finishing spray once my modge podge was dry that way the paint was protected too.


Then I took some mixed media string and wrapped it around the letter where I had a break in the two different types of craft paper I used. I like the way it turned out gave it a finished look. Then I also took some of the string and stappled it to the back of the letter so I was able to hang it.

I also made some other cute crafts I bought at the Wood Connection, the wood blocks are the same concept as above just some craft paper modge podge onto the wood.



Starting a craft group with your friends

11407309_10206073109199429_3012841580781450988_n Several years ago some of the girls in my family decided to start a monthly crafting group, it was an excuse to have some girl time and get our craft on. Granted we are not the craftiest bunch but that is what was also fun about it, that we could make fun of each other and our struggles through making the craft. So each month one of us hosts the craft night and plans the craft, we try to keep the craft to under $20 because not everyone can afford to something pricy. The host picks the craft and then we usually do a lunch or dinner with our craft night also (this is also do to the time it takes to craft, it can take several hours depending on what you are doing). We have definitely progressed over the years and it’s fun to look back and see the fun things you have made especially for the holidays as you put them out in your home. We tend to gear our crafts to a holiday that is coming up the following month, if there is no holiday then we gear the craft more towards something for our home. Things you need to start your craft night: – As a group decided what your cap is going to be for your craft and stick to that cost, then decided who will be the host for that month. -The host chooses the craft then make sure you take into account the cost of the craft plus materials needed to make the craft such as paper, glue, paint, etc. -As a group you can decided if you would like to have a meal with your craft just take in to consideration this will add to the length of your craft time since you are stopping to eat. This may also workout though if your craft needs to dry or setup. You could also just do some appetizers for everyone to snack on while crafting. If you want to add an adult beverage to the mix this is also permitted. Since it’s just us girls we will do some wine or champagne, but don’t get to lit or your craft may end up a little interesting 🙂 -I would also get a container, like one of those plastic storage tubs from the store to keep all the materials you do not use from the craft you just completed. Then you can take it to each craft night so you are not continuously buying new materials all the time, this will save you some money plus you never know when some extra ribbon or glitter may come in handy. -If your having a hard time coming up with an idea, just go to Pinterest or stores like Michael’s have great ideas with how to’s on how to do the craft.We also like to go to a local wood craft store in Utah called Wood Connection, they have pre-cut wood crafts that you can make your own crafts with. This will be something fun you can do with family and friends, and it’s good fun for the girls to get together instead of just doing dinner and a movie. You will also have something to show for your night. We also love it because it’s hard to find cute decorations nowadays for holidays and this is the perfect way to make cute things for your home. Here are some fun things we have done over the years, although I could only find pics of our wood crafts guess I need to be better at taking pictures of our crafts. 1463879_10201345436702170_1365586450_n1412726_10201205151235121_1719873503_o 12485_10202773855920159_30457726_n33699_1466604949373_1219659_n 412015_2944683620416_1545324766_o

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DIY Wine Cork Shadow Box


I was having the crafty bug today, I hadn’t made anything for a bit. Then it hit me I bought a shadow box months ago to make a wine cork holder. I am in the process of redoing my Kitchen décor and I wanted this  for the wine theme I am going for. I really like it and it turned out great.

You can find shadow boxes for pretty cheap, I recommend watching stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joann’s. They constantly have sales on frames and shadow boxes. I got this 10×10 one at Joann’s for 50% off.! I can’t stand paying full price at those stores when you know they will put it on sale the following week or you can always use their in store coupons.

This project was quick an easy, I busted out my Silhouette Cameo (greatest purchase ever!) and laid out how I wanted the font and picked a photo. I used my Cameo to cut the letters using vinyl paper, then used transfer paper to move the font from my cutting matt to the shadow box.



You will need to decide where you want to cut a hole in your shadow box so you can easily drop the corks in, I recommend the top or back if you are not hanging it on the wall.

If you do not have a vinyl cutter you could always use a stencil and glass etching cream that would work well too.

I found the idea on Pinterest (duh of coarse), its from a seller on Etsy. So if you do not want to make your own she sells them.

Here is her shop

I didn’t want to spend that much so I decided to make my own, this project cost me $15.

I can’t wait to drink some more wine and fill it up 🙂


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