Jurassic World Birthday Party


I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get this one the blog but it happens. I always let my son choose his birthday party theme and for his 6th birthday he decided he wanted a Jurassic World party. I know your probably going what kind of parent is she letting her son watch this movie. So before you judge me, he had not seen any of the Jurassic Park movies he had only seen the previews and what boy doesn’t love dinosaurs. Yes he has since seen some of them at home in a controlled environment where we could bypass any scary or bloody parts.

Anyway back to the party, my son loves doing his birthday at the house because there are two things he consistently wants; a bounce house and a pinata! This puts a little more pressure on me when it’s at our house, because I have more to decorate. And when it comes to parties I don’t do small, go big or go home :).

I like to start early usually at least a month in advance I start buying and making things, you can see my party planing tips here.


Since my son has gotten a bit older he has actually had some really good ideas for his party, he wanted his friends to get tickets when they entered the party  and wanted a big Park entrance. So that got my creative juices going, and we came up with these really cool park passes for each kid. Then I made some official badges for the “workers” of the park.


Thanks to my husband we were able to come up with this cool entrance so when the guests arrived they felt like the were coming to the park. We ran out of time so the sign didn’t turn out like I wanted.


One the park visitors arrived, they had several options for entertainment. We had a dinosaur fossil dig (apparently I slacked off and forget to get a picture of this), a bouncy jungle, and lots of yummy food to eat.


I bought a 72 pack of little plastic dinosaurs off Amazon to put in the sand box for the dino dig and the kids could take them home as prizes.

For the party banners, treat bags etc., I purchased those from this great little shop on Etsy called TinkerFactory. She has some great stuff and I got it all right away, through a file to download.



The party turned out great and all the kids had a blast! Hopefully you enjoyed these fun ideas and if you have any questions about the party feel free to leave a comment.

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Boy’s Bedroom Makeover


I’m behind on writing and I meant to blog about this sooner, but that’s ok it’s been a work in progress. My 6 year olds room has been an Avengers theme for the last three years and it was a banged up, colored on pastel yellow from when I first did his nursery.

As most parents know kids are so hard on everything. His room was in much need of a makeover. Then my son decided he wanted to move rooms and we just happened to have an empty room from his older brother moving out (long story there which I won’t get into).

So we started the remodel of the other room which also needed it bad, anyone who has a teenager knows they are just as hard on things and teenage boys make everything stink. So gross.

After I cleaned the room my 6 year old and I headed to our local hardware store to pick some paint. It’s important to me to let the kids have some say in there rooms, I like encouraging them to be creative. Of course at 6 he was going for some super crazy colors. So I gave him some samples of blues he could choose from.

Madman decided he wanted a bunk bed, so we had been looking around at furniture stores and the prices were so outrageous. So my husband being the handyman he is decided to make a loft bed for my son. My husband busted this out in a day and it only cost us $100. The little guy even helped his dad out.

My little guy also decided he wanted a Star Wars themed room as he is obsessed with all things Star Wars. So I’ve been on a mission to find decor and make that work. Again to my surprise the décor was really over priced for what it was, so the hunt was on for things to decorate but not break the bank.

I am obsessed with Target its my go to store for almost everything, I was there one day and passed by their dollar section and they had these great little Star Wars signs. They were perfect for the room and they were only a dollar!


My son got this massive ship for Christmas, we really had no idea where to put it and it didn’t do much so asked my husband if we could hang it so it looked like it was flying. Sure enough my husband had the perfect stuff to do it with and it turned out great! My son loved it so much.


I found some cute metal Star Wars letters at a local home décor store but again the price was crazy. So I decided to make my own. I went to Hobby Lobby and found some wood letters for $1.99 a piece and found some Star Wars scrapbook paper. I painted the letters black then mod podge the paper on them. I bought enough letters to spell out “Star Wars”,  they turned out perfect and saved myself money.


This is what we have so far, there are a few other little things I would like to add but one thing at a time. It’s been fun I love doing new home projects, now on to the next room!

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My Child wants to be a Youtube Star


My youngest son has quite the personality, he is one of the happiest kids I know and seriously a little comedian at times. It started out that he loved watching America’s Funniest home videos on Kids Youtube, then we found a few other channels on Kids Youtube. He absolutely loves watching Evantube and Skylander family. If your Kids watch these channels I’m sure you already understand but if they don’t basically these families do product and toy reviews from a kids point of view.

My son has become obsessed with the videos and I have to limit his iPad time or he would literally watch the thing all day long if I let him. Ever since he’s been watching he’s been bugging me to make his own videos and that he wants to do that. I have been telling him no for quite some time but he has been in serious negotiations with me to let him record a video. So the other night I decided to let him, just for something fun for him to try and use his big imagination.

My little Madman set up his room and toys, and I brought him my iPhone and set it up to record and showed him how to start his video once he was ready. He made a bunch of videos and I went back through them, and it was quite hilarious. He took the whole thing so seriously it was so cute.

I decided to share one of his videos, I had to clip it because it went on forever but too cute. I’m sure I’m bias since I am his mother.

I hope you enjoy the video,

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