Getting my Sexy Back…..


Last week we were out with friends at a Beer Festival (yes I know shocking Utah actually has events that involve alcohol), we started talking about our friends big birthday celebration that is coming up in September. We are planning on doing some camping up at Bear Lake and going out on the lake. I dread being in a swimsuit since having my son, I put one on for the first time in 4 years last summer, yes I said 4 years. It’s not really the weight per say that bothers me its the stretch marks I got on my legs that make me self conscious. I blew up like a balloon with water weight while I was pregnant, I was so swollen I swear you could have poked me with a pin and would have popped. I felt like Violet Beauregard (minus the blue color) from Willy Wonka, it was awful.


Anyway we all began saying how we would like to loose some additional weight by September but as we have all done, you start to diet and exercise then you fall off the wagon. So we came up with a plan a contest between the four of us, who ever looses the most body fat % by September wins. To make the wager more enticing we are all putting money in, so not only to you get the bragging rights of winning you also win some cash. My husband is very competitive so he is determined to win, but I definitely do not want to be the one to lose because I will never hear the end of it from my husband.

Another friend in the group owns a Medical Spa and does weight loss consulting, she is not part of the contest because she already looks amazing. So we nominated her to be our judge, and since she has the fancy equipment that could weigh us we all went down to her clinic to get the official weigh in that way there can not be any cheating.

So as of Monday we have started our journey, my husband and I are not doing a specific diet since most diets don’t usually work. We wanted to make an overall lifestyle change, so we are cutting out any added sugars and processed carbs. I am on day #5 of my sugar detox and I think I am finally coming out of the crazy grouchiness I have been experiencing the last few days. Yesterday was the hardest I literally felt like I may hurt someone for a piece of chocolate. It also doesn’t help that Aunt Flo is about to visit and as any woman knows, not being able to have sweets during that time can cause you to be bitch witch.


I have been working out for the past few months already trying to get myself in shape for summer, but I have only been doing a couple times a week. I struggle with working out because I grew up dancing my whole life and never had to exercise since that was my exercise. I absolutely hate running more than anything in this world even when I was in amazing shape I hated it. I don’t understand these people who love it. Thankfully many new programs have come out in the last few years like Zumba, and Cardio Barre. I have been doing Cardio Barre for the last few months and I absolutely love it! I am increase how many times a week I am doing it now, I have done it 4 times this week already.

I also hope to get back in shape so I can start teaching Zumba again, I taught Zumba for 5 years but my career got in the way of being able to teach so I had to give up my classes. That was hard to do plus I have since gained back some weight I had lost so frustrating.

So my goal is to lose 19lbs by September 5th, that’s not a ton but still enough to be hard. I will keep you updated on my progress, don’t expect selfies though I am not a selfie person. Maybe I will give in if I make my goal weight but we will see.

Domestic Momster

8 thoughts on “Getting my Sexy Back…..

  1. You got this! My husband is so competitive as well…but I have no room to talk because so am I. I was doing so good with the weight loss track and then the hot weather hit and I just have no motivation. Thanks for linking up with me at #momsterslink. Hope to see you again this week!

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