Quote of the Week #22


My motto last week was to stay positive and not let things get me down. I did really well, getting things accomplished around the house as well as getting my work outs in. I am going to try to continue the momentum this week, even with this dang sinus infection that is trying to bring me down.

So this week’s word or motto is to follow you passion, I am truly lucky that I have a few hobby’s or passions that I get to do. I do nails as I am a licensed technician and I get to do that as my passion on the side as well as I am getting back to another passion of mine, dancing. I will be going back to teaching Zumba in a couple of weeks. I am very fortunate to be able to live out my passions of being a mom, nail tech, zumba instructor all because of the amazing man I married who supports in in the things I love.

passion 2

We may not all be able to do a job that we love but find something in life that you are passionate about and follow that passion. Maybe you love to paint or just going running, don’t lose your passion for it you will be happier in life keeping those passions.

So get out there this week and follow your passions.

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Quote of the Week #21


Had a crazy week last week and felt like I was getting nothing I wanted to done. I was behind on blogging, working out, and my to do list around the house. Towards the end of the week I had enough of felling blah, so I decided it was time for a mood change.
I started prioritizing better and getting things crossed off my list, and even got a few work outs in (which of course always makes you feel better).
This week I am trying to start off the week right with a positive frame of mind and not let the week beat me down.

positive 2
My goal this week is to get my work outs done and not let anything stop me from getting them done. I know I will thank myself later once I get back in a solid routine again.
I found these quotes and hope you enjoy them, maybe this will help you start your week off the right way too!

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Quote of the Week #20


I was having a hard time picking a quote this week, but I decided since it is my birthday week and I’m dealing with getting another year older that this was a good quote.

When I look back at being young and how I imagined my life would be when I got older, it’s amazing how different you become from that person. Even my goals from being a teen to a young adult and now a mom and wife.

You definitely become more self aware and I think more confident because you understand what’s really important in life. In growing up I’ve definitely learned how important family is and having great friends. When your young its all about having friends but as you get older you realize its not about the amount of friends its the quality of the friendship.

When I was younger I swore I didn’t want kids and I wanted a career, well that’s not at all what happened. I think the teenage me would die of shock seeing how different we’ve become. I couldn’t be more satisfied with life, being a domesticated goddess and a mom.

What are your thoughts on growing up and what you have learned? I would love to hear.

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Quote of the Week #17


I found this quote to be appropriate this week, as we have been having some challenges with a family member. Which at this time I won’t really go into detail. However we have discovered some lies and I hope that they have learned a valuable lessons since it really came back to bite them. The lie caused them more trouble than actually telling the truth and dealing with the problem when it happened.

Unfortunately I don’t think they will learn from it since they have a parent enabling them and acting as if its no big deal. It’s amazing to me that you would enable your child to lie and not accept the consequences of their actions, what exactly are you teaching?

So remember honesty is always the best policy.

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Quote of the Week #15


I’m finally back after taking some time off from blogging to get through the holiday season. I had a fabulous Christmas and New Years and I hope you all did too! I definitely missed blogging but was so busy I didn’t need one more thing on my plate.

So I have been doing some pondering the past few days on what my New Years resolution would be. Would I go with the standard answer of lose weight, be more patient,etc. We all set these goals and sometimes we achieve them or they trickle off by the end of the month. I decided I wanted more of a motto or word to live by for the year, that would help me to meet all my goals.

I decided that word is:


Now that does not mean my goal is to go out and inspire the world necessarily. I chose this word because yes it feels good to inspire others but I also love when others inspire me!

My husband and I were inspired by a challenge to have a healthier lifestyle and that worked out great for us (yes we have fallen off the wagon with the holidays) now we know for this year our lifestyle and goal for being healthy is attainable. I hope that does inspire people, that the everyday person can achieve their goals to be healthy.

My 6 year old son inspires me everyday with his humor and love for life. He makes me want to try harder each day, to show him you can achieve anything you want.

If you have not come up with your resolution yet, think about this and possibly finding a word to live by this year and you may be surprised who it makes your list of resolutions possible.

Have a great first week of the new year!

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Quote of the Week #14


Christmas is now in full swing, it’s everywhere you turn. This is one of my favorite holidays so I started decorating prior to Thanksgiving. One thing I love more than getting presents is giving them and helping those less fortunate. It’s such an amazing time of year to see all the good people come together and do. It’s even more uplifting seeing so much good spread especially with everything going on in the world and these awful people trying to spread hate. It’s even more important for us all to show them they cannot take away our freedom, love, hope, and we will not live in fear.

I love this line from one of my favorite Christmas movies, it’s a great reminder of that Christmas is about more than gifts. IT’s about everyone coming together and enjoying the ones they love.

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season, and remember to spread the holiday joy!

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Quote of the Week #12


Things you can expect from this Domesticated Goddess, is that I am real. I have always been proud of myself for being blunt, honest, and real. I was never the person who followed others because it was the cool thing, I always chose my own path even if people did not agree. It may not have worked out but I learned from those mistakes.

People who know me well, know that if they come to me for advice they should not ask if they want someone to sugar coat things. I will give them my honest opinion and people either love me for it or hate it. I find it sad that more people don’t respect that, because I respect those people in my life that are real with me. They are the people you can trust and count on the most.


My husband said something to me last week, after I was struggling with some things and people not liking my honesty and sharing my opinions. He told me that is one thing he has always loved about me is that I say it how it is and people always know where they stand with me. He loves that I am not fake and I should not have to feel sorry for that. Just him saying that made all the difference to me and that people do appreciate someone who is real even if we may not want to hear it at the time. I remembered that is one thing I like about myself and I do not need to be sorry for that.

So remember to be true to yourself, and honest and real. There is no shame in that.

Have a great week!

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