Jurassic World Birthday Party


I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get this one the blog but it happens. I always let my son choose his birthday party theme and for his 6th birthday he decided he wanted a Jurassic World party. I know your probably going what kind of parent is she letting her son watch this movie. So before you judge me, he had not seen any of the Jurassic Park movies he had only seen the previews and what boy doesn’t love dinosaurs. Yes he has since seen some of them at home in a controlled environment where we could bypass any scary or bloody parts.

Anyway back to the party, my son loves doing his birthday at the house because there are two things he consistently wants; a bounce house and a pinata! This puts a little more pressure on me when it’s at our house, because I have more to decorate. And when it comes to parties I don’t do small, go big or go home :).

I like to start early usually at least a month in advance I start buying and making things, you can see my party planing tips here.


Since my son has gotten a bit older he has actually had some really good ideas for his party, he wanted his friends to get tickets when they entered the party  and wanted a big Park entrance. So that got my creative juices going, and we came up with these really cool park passes for each kid. Then I made some official badges for the “workers” of the park.


Thanks to my husband we were able to come up with this cool entrance so when the guests arrived they felt like the were coming to the park. We ran out of time so the sign didn’t turn out like I wanted.


One the park visitors arrived, they had several options for entertainment. We had a dinosaur fossil dig (apparently I slacked off and forget to get a picture of this), a bouncy jungle, and lots of yummy food to eat.


I bought a 72 pack of little plastic dinosaurs off Amazon to put in the sand box for the dino dig and the kids could take them home as prizes.

For the party banners, treat bags etc., I purchased those from this great little shop on Etsy called TinkerFactory. She has some great stuff and I got it all right away, through a file to download.



The party turned out great and all the kids had a blast! Hopefully you enjoyed these fun ideas and if you have any questions about the party feel free to leave a comment.

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Western Party Ideas


It was recently my Dad’s 60th birthday party so we decided to throw him a Western Themed birthday bash. Here is how the party turned out and the fun ideas and décor we came up with. I even found my husband has a very creative side when given a theme he likes. I have to give my husband major props for a few things, he did such a fantastic job and it helps that my husband is from a small town and is still a cowboy at heart.


I found this cute Cowboy subway art sign through a fellow blogger on Pinterest, and other cute free printables for a the party. You can find them here. http://marigoldmom.com/?p=4904#comment-122815


I made this cute birthday banner using none other than my silhouette of coarse. I found this great Western font on a website I love to use to find free font dafont.com. I really enjoy making my own birthday banners versus a store bought one, I think they turn out so much better.


My Dad was adamant about not have “60” themed birthday decorations, so I improvised instead of the black depressing decorations you find at the party store I decided to buy these paper mache numbers and spray paint them blue. I had planned to modge podge some cute western looking cardstock on them but ran out of time.


These were my favorite DIY project of the party, I have been wanting to make these forever and this finally pushed me to do it. They are tiki lanterns made using old whiskey bottles. Thankfully my husband loves whiskey and I have been hanging onto these bottle for a while now. Here is the tutorial how to make these if you want to do them yourself, granted in the tutorial they used wine bottles and hung them from the fence I only used the part to make the wick. They turned out great and look fantastic lit. http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/diy-ways-to-make-your-backyard-awesome-this-summer#.eqynYRnq5


This is my husband’s creativity, I wanted a photo booth backdrop for the party. He pulled out his old rope and halters, and a pallet we had around. Turned out cute with our fun photo props.


I bought some western signs at zurchers with different sayings, but had no idea how I was going to get it to stay hanging with the wind blowing. My husband came to the rescue again, and found a piece of wood to staple it to and some wire to hang the sign from the post. Then he went and found this deer head he had in his shop and mounted it with the sign, it turned out amazing!

The party turned out great we had everyone dress in their western wear, and had western (BBQ) themed food.

How to make a Silhouette with your Silhouette Cameo


Looking for a simple decoration for a party or maybe a simple bedroom decoration. A silhouette is a simple way to add something fun to your party or room. It’s also very simple and quick to make. I made these Disney Princess ones using my Silhouette Cameo. If you love crafting and making things you really need one of these. I had a circuit previously but was never really impressed and I hated having to buy a cartridge for everything you wanted to make. I sold it and got the Silhouette and I am so glad I did!

Step #1-Google the image you are looking for and save the image to your computer. I wanted an image of Princess Aurora.


Step #2-Then open it in your silhouette, you will want to use the trace option and remove the high pass filter and use the threshold option. Once the image is fully highlighted in yellow, you can click trace outer edge. This will give you the outline for the silhouette.

Step #3-Choose the paper you want to be your top color of the silhouette, I choose pink card stock. Then go to your cut options and choose to cut the outer edge. Cut the image out using your Silhouette, it will look like the picture below.


Step #4- Choose a color to put behind the image cut out by the silhouette, I choose black cardstock to back the pink.


Step #5-I choose to put mine in an 8X10 frame, I got these frames on sale at Hobby Lobby. Depending on what size frame you use, you will need to cut the paper down to fit the frame. So ensure you account for the size of the image by what size frame you are using.


Now you have a fun piece of décor to add to your party or maybe a little girls room. If you do no have a silhouette you could always print the image out on your printer and cut it out with a pair a scissors. Then trace it onto the paper you want to use and cut the image out to make your silhouette.

I used these silhouettes for a princess party, they turned out really cute.